The importance of protecting your database cannot be overemphasized.  Database management is very sensitive. It can make or break an organization. To create a relationship of trust and believe from their clients, organizations have to ensure proper database management system that puts database firewall and application firewall to good use.

With the growing sophistication of hackers, you have to ensure a consistent and proper management of your data or risk losing the trust of your clients. Besides protection, proper organization of the database for storage, processing and retrieval of the sensitive client data is of great essence in an organizations growth.


Some of the major reasons why the database should be properly managed are;

It’s A Valuable Asset!

Unfortunately, most organizations believe that their most valuable assets are the money in their bank accounts, but if we consider the facts accordingly, the most valuable asset is what the organizations knows about their customers’-because that will ultimately lead to more money in the bank. Money in the bank is good, but the consistency to generate more money should be the ultimate goal of any organization, for it reflects on the amount of effort put on the work.

This clearly shows that an organizations database is the most valuable asset and it ought to be managed with the most discrete of ways ensuring all the customers are satisfied.

It’s Good For Customer Relationship Management

If your business depends on strong relationships, then the information that customers share with the business should be able to aid in maintaining and strengthening of your relationships. Relevant information about your customers is not only valuable but is also vital to the growth of your business.

When you know who your customers really are then you are in a better position to satisfy their needs. If you know what your customers want-you know what to offer them and when to offer it. Basically the more you understand your customers’ habit environment and personality you can likely anticipate their needs and wants. Know your customer, know your business.

Protection Of Your Database

For an organization to ensure proper protection of their database, they have to properly manage their database. From ensuring that one can only access data that is relevant to his or her level in the organization, to the use of data masking and database firewall to protect the sensitive information about their customers from unauthorized access, organization must always strive prevent internal or external attacks at all time to maintain clients trust.

Backing up their database regularly to prevent loss of sensitive data in case of any technological problem should also be practiced as part of the database management practices.

Resources Used By Multiple Application

The database is very essential, it forms the master data which is used by multiple applications in an organization. If by any chance there occurs an error in the master data, it may cause serious problems to an organization. For example, imagine an organization using the incorrect address of a customer, hence sending orders or bills to the wrong address. This shows how fundamental the management of a database is to the growth of any business or organization.

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