This is the process of obscuring or masking specific data within a database to prevent it from security breaches. This masking enables the securing of the sensitive data. Such sensitive data include information like a customers’ identification number which need to be protected from unauthorized personnel.

Oracle Data masking enables organizations to comply with data privacy and protection mandates that restrict the use and sharing of private, sensitive or personally identifiable information. With oracle data masking sensitive information can be replaced with realistic values, allowing production data to be safely used for the development, sharing or testing with out-sourcing partners or off-shore teams for other non-production purposes.

Advantages of Oracle Database Masking.

  • Oracle data masking involves sensitive data discovery and modelling which enables the scanning of the databases for sensitive data allowing them to automatically discover the location of where they reside using meta-data and data search patterns.
  • A library of pre-defined masking formats and definitions allows enterprise to deliver ready to use data masking routines and also allows for building customs routines to quickly mask sensitive information in accordance with the security and application logic requirements
  • Oracle applications data masking templates deliver pre-identified sensitive columns, their relationships and industry standard best practice masking techniques out of box for a packaged applications which include oracle e-business suite and oracle fusion applications.
  • Oracle data masking involves heterogeneous data masking which extends the capability of masking data to non-oracle databases seamlessly through the use of oracle database gateways.
  • With the at-source masking it provides the most secure methods of obfuscating production data by masking sensitive data as it is being copied out of source database. This ensures that sensitive data never leaves production system unmasked, thus providing the highest level of data security.
  • Oracle data masking saves time and increases security with data masking policies. Security administrators define the masking rules once, which are then automatically applied every time the database administrators masks the database.
  • Oracle data masking makes the most of your data securely. It is able to use production data freely in non-production environments without violating data privacy regulations or risking sensitive data leaks.
  • Oracle data masking addresses regulatory requirements. De-identifying sensitive data is increasingly being called out as critical technology in data privacy protection law globally.

The good news about oracle data masking is, it’s one of the easiest security measure to put in place given that oracle has introduced a solution for data masking in the near future. Unlike other solutions on the market with oracle data masking, the data is masked as close to the production database as possible to be able to prevent data breaches.

Oracle data masking the process is automated using an extensible library of formats and templates that ensure consistent masking for referential integrity across database. Most importantly oracle data masking is part of oracle enterprise manager and can be used to enforce data masking policies across all oracle database enterprise-wide to help address regulatory mandates like PCI and GLBA.

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