Oracle Database Firewall is the first line of defense for database. It provides real-time monitoring of database activity on the network. Highly accurate SQL grammar-based technology is used to block unauthorized transactions hence enabling the blocking of internal and external attacks from reaching the database. Oracle Database firewall is easy to deploy, requiring no changes to the existing applications or databases.

Oracle Database Firewall creates a defensive wall around a database while enforcing and monitoring normal application behavior. It also ventures in the prevention of SQL injections attacks. Oracle Database Firewall prevents the access of sensitive application data using unauthorized SQL commands.

Oracle Database Firewall is a very reliable suite for the protection of a database it does this through various ways such ways include;

  1. Reports on database activity for SOX, PCI and other regulations, choosing from dozens of out of the box reports.
  2. Monitors and blocks SQL traffic on the network with white list, black list and exception list policies
  3. Protects Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and windows and Sybase databases
  4. Protects against application bypass, SQL injection and similar threats

Oracle Database Firewall goes beyond the traditional database security approaches that rely on regular expression patterns and antivirus style signatures representing bad SQL. A single Oracle Database Firewall can support many different database instances at once a well as many different network segments. Oracle database firewall has major uses such as;

Link Web Application Firewall and Database Firewall


Oracle Database Firewall solution links a web application firewall with a database firewall. The two products share common reporting for web-based attempts to gain access to sensitive data, subvert the database or execute denial of services (DOS) attacks against an organization’s databases. The unification of the reports for both the web application firewall and database firewall provides more convenient and comprehensive security monitoring.

Monitor and Assess SQL Queries

Oracle Database Firewall can assist developers to monitor and assess SQL queries performance on production databases, find slow or inconsistently performing queries and also help to identify all clients connecting to a specific database before and after migration by providing execution times on logged database activity. Oracle Database Firewall is able to do this because it can non-intrusively monitor SQL traffic coming to and from the database, including database response and status of SQL statement execution.

Providing Database Response Information

Oracle Database Firewall provides database response information including transaction execution time, execution status whether it is a success or fail, error code and description in case of failure, login success or fail, logout record. The Oracle Database Firewall does not monitor out-bound application data.

Monitoring of Privileged Users

Oracle Database Firewall is able monitor privileged users who are accessing the database over the network and other internal users accessing the databases over the network. In addition to passive monitoring and alerting, Oracle Database Firewall can actively prevent these users from accessing sensitive data or abusing their privileges when accessing the database.

The above uses of Oracle Database Firewall provides organizations with the needed protection of their data which makes Oracle Database Firewall one of the most important part of any successful organization.

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