This is a cross-platform, high-performance solution that secures the databases and sensitive data in real time. It protects and defends the databases and sensitive data from external and internal security breaches. It is common for most companies to overlook their database security, which is the ultimate desire of any attacker who will definitely find it easy to access the organizations database that stores strategic business data either through an application defect or using direct network access.

Hence, because of all this, companies have to protect/ guard their database and sensitive information. This is to avoid losing trust of their customers by letting the attackers access their personal information.   Datasunrise database security suite comes in at this point, for it is best suited to ensure safety of the database and the sensitive information from the attackers. Datasunrise database security suite does this through the ways mentioned below.

Database Firewall

Datasunrise database security suite includes an impenetrable database firewall, which monitors all client application requests to the database. It also controls the response from the database ensuring that one does not receive information that he or she is not supposed to receive hence ensuring protection of the database.

Data Masking

Data sunrise also protects and masks data from any unwanted requests. This is done by giving users fictitious (yet realistic) data instead of the real and sensitive data. The data is protected in the response to the clients applications requests, with such protection datasunrise database security suite ensure an organization protects the customers information hence the customers trust which is very essential  to any organization that wishes or is aspiring to be the top.

SQL injections attacks

Datasubrise database security suite prevents SQL injections attacks by intelligently detecting the SQL injections in real time and immediately blocking such type of requests. This prevents any attack by use of SQL injections attacks hence protection of the database

Database Audit

This involves the monitoring database activity in real time and establish a baseline of normal user access patterns. This provides the organization with the information on who what, when, where and how every transaction occurred. This can be of great importance if an organization suspects data breach or unauthorized access to your database.

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