DataSunrise Database Security Software protects both data and database from external and internal threats while performing database audit and protection. DataSunrise database Security can be deployed and run easily on your premises or in the cloud where the databases are situated. DataSunrise allows the launching of the system without any changes in the configuration of existing software, database environment, or operating system.

DataSunrise Database Security is actively available on the spot to protect data in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. The user may select to install it locally on the database server or remotely anywhere the connectivity is.

DataSunrise Database Firewall includes effective default rule set out the box. It also gives one an option to easy customize the rule set to suite the requirements to one’s specific application. Furthermore, DataSunrise enables self-configuration/self-learning mode during installation. During the learning period DataSunrise’s leaning rules are researching the typical behavior. Then it creates the white List for queries for the database.

This group (the white list) is able to be used for easy deployment in the firewall to production environments. The firewall can collect information about all queries for several days or weeks, and after this it is able to block (or only throw alarm) all new queries that have not been executed in learning period. DataSunrise Database Security includes advanced logging capabilities. DataSunrise supports databases running on most used platforms such as various Linux distributors, UNIX (AIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX, etc.) and windows

DataSunrise Database Security Supports the following:

  • The white list is a list of approved SQL statements that firewall allow to use
  • Black list is a list of SQL statements that are prohibited to enter in the database
  • Policies on the usage of such attributes as IP address, application, users, SQL category, and database objects.

DataSunrise Data Masking and Protection

DataSunrise Database Security restricts the use of customer data, using a flexible system of data replacement. The returned data response could be replaced with realistic or random values. It also prevents the abuse of sensitive data by giving users fictitious (yet realistic) data instead of real sensitive data. The data from either entire table or policy selected columns/rows is protected in response to client application requests.

SQL Injections Attack Prevention

DataSunrise Database Security has built-in detection system of suspicious SQL statements and SQL injections. DataSunrise defends databases in real-time by comparing each query to an established and allowed queries in the system. It immediately blocks any suspicious queries that are attempting to hack while sending notifications with details to the admin

System Requirements

 The minimal requirements for the installation of DataSunrise include:

  • Operating system on machine where DataSunrise will be installed: Windows or Linux
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB)
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB
  • CPU: 2 gigahertz (GHz)

For more information on DataSunrise visit the site below:

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