GreenSQL database activity monitoring keeps ahead of security threats, malicious software and exploits, threats from company insiders and more. The software provides information on suspicious transactions in real time, allowing administrators to take immediate action to maintain database security. It documents the steps taken for regulatory compliance.

The Numerous Types of Security Threats

Today, security threats come from many directions. Frequent reports in the press tell of criminals harvesting credit cards numbers by breaking into databases. Company insiders with both the knowledge and access to get around existing security features can pose an equally dangerous, but not as frequently publicized, threat.

Although credit card numbers are certainly desirable, social security numbers, addresses, and other valuable information stolen from inadequately protected databases are often targets. Criminals can use such data for identity theft, posing as customers.

In this climate of increasing vulnerability, government has stepped in to demand that those who collect and store sensitive information take steps to protect it. Demonstrating compliance with regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was expensive and difficult before GreenSQL Pro security software resolved these issues elegantly.

Non-stop SQL server monitoring

Today business is a global 24/7 activity and security procedures have to be deployed in the same manner. Responding long after the fact to reports of attempted security breaches is insufficient to protect valuable data. Government authorities insist that businesses take their stewardship responsibilities seriously and demonstrate due diligence in protecting the sensitive personal data that they hold.

GreenSQL Pro detects the use of unauthorized commands by authorized users and/or intruders. These may be database administrator commands, privileged, disclosure, or other commands. GreenSQL monitors activity in both directions, informing the authorized administrator of potential breaches in the security of the database, whether the threat is an external malicious SQL injection attack or an attempt to export sensitive information by an insider.

Database security audit

GreenSQL Pro provides insight into how data is being used at every moment. From source IPs and applications, through the server or group of servers, all the way to the database and record level, GreenSQL database activity monitoring monitors, audits and reports on sensitive data usage in your organization.

From the moment it is installed, GreenSQL Pro actively monitors all incoming and outgoing activity to the databases for which it serves as a proxy. It validates SQL queries before submitting them to the SQL database for execution. It logs all database activity and produces entitlement reports that satisfy audit requirements.

Simple tools

GreenSQL Pro provides a web-based console to monitor and validate any command issued to the database. The graphical user interface is easy to learn and easy to use. The database monitoring tools detect and actively prevent SQL injection attacks, while providing full real-time reporting and alerts.

Security policy definition

With full knowledge in hand, it’s possible to design access control policies that provide a separation of duties, and policies that permit only access to data at the level needed. Alternately, GreenSQL Pro can generate a full set of security policies automatically. The rules will reflect the activity on each database independently.

Immediate enforcement

As soon as a security policy is defined, it is actively enforced. Any attempt to violate the policy is immediately detected and reported. That’s an important point. In security, instant response is critical.

Optional alerts

GreenSQL database activity monitoring can send an alert about an attempted policy violation directly to e-mail. The alert includes the user’s IP address and contact information. With a simple phone call allows immediate elimination of a potential security problem.

A window into SQL server activity

Of course, not every violation is intended to break into data. Perhaps a programmer needs to change the structure of a table, or an accountant needs to update some bank account details. Either way, GreenSQL allows discovery of all flaws in security policy. With full information, better policies can be implemented.

Advanced capabilities

GreenSQL database activity monitoring:

  1. Studies actual data usage and automatically suggests security rules.
  2. Allows override of suggested rules and customization of rules
  3. Enforces separation of duties
  4. Exposes the use of database administrator commands, privileged, disclosure, and other unauthorized commands by authorized users and/or intruders
  5. Monitors, logs, audits and reports on all database usage and network activity
  6. Provides an easy-to-use console to monitor and validate any command issued to the database
  7. Sends real-time email alerts of defined events such as attempted policy violations

This comprehensive set of functions in GreenSQL database activity monitoring provides the real-time knowledge and tools to actively maintain database security.


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