The PartnerSphere Technology Alliance offers organizations with an end-to-end blueprint for data security. Organizations therefore have to take an enterprise-wide view of their data security cause of the security and compliance requirements. Imperva has partnered with best-of-breed solutions to build the industry’s first technology ecosystem dedicated to data security and compliance.

PartnerSphere Technology Alliance solutions extend Imperva SecureSphere offerings to address security, application delivery, scalability and access management requirements. Imperva works closely with PartnerSphere Technology Alliance members to assure customers that Imperva SecureSphere will integrate with and augment their existing security, networking and business software solutions. Imperva and its Associate and Premier Partners test and certify the interoperability of such Partners’ products with the SecureSphere suite.

Vulnerability Assessment

Imperva has partnered with the leading vulnerability assessment vendors to virtually patch Web application vulnerabilities. By being able to integrate with vulnerability assessment scanners, the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall can reduce the window of exposure and the disruption of emergency fix and test cycles.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products discover and classify unstructured data. Imperva SecureSphere File Security Solutions integrate with data loss prevention solutions to identify data owners and classify, audit and protect sensitive file data.

Security Information and Event Management

Imperva SecureSphere extends Web, database and file security data to security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. Imperva offers a very fast, automated integration with a broad number of security information and event management platforms, enabling customers to aggregate Imperva SecureSphere security and audit activity with log data from other networking, security and identity management solutions

Fraud Prevention

Web-based fraud caused by identity theft, phishing attacks, malware and other threats, costs organizations hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Imperva has partnered with fraud prevention vendors to extend Web fraud protection capabilities to the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall. Together, the integrated solution provides a powerful defense against web fraud, allowing businesses to avoid brand damage, customer turnover and fraud remediation.


Hackers, cybercriminals and spies are stealing your data through a combination of spear phishing emails and zero-day malware. Conventional defenses like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and anti-virus (AV) are ineffective against these advanced attacks. Imperva has partnered with anti-malware vendors to isolate malware-infected devices and prevent them from accessing sensitive data. Together, the integrated solution provides a powerful defense against targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Network Visibility

Imperva has enlisted the industry’s leading network visibility providers to address its customers’ networking and virtualization requirements. Technology Alliance partners, together with Imperva SecureSphere, offer best-of-breed data security on highly scalable, flexible and reliable platforms.

Business Software

Imperva supports and interoperates with many of the most widely deployed business software solutions in the world. By integrating with leading database, business service management and software as a service providers, customers can be assured that Imperva will fully support their critical database, cloud application and incident management software.

Application Delivery

Application delivery solutions help organizations address key Web application service requirements, including Web performance, availability and acceleration. Imperva SecureSphere together with its application delivery partners offer best-of-breed data security and traffic management.


Identity solutions increase security and enable granular control over user access to applications and data. Together, Imperva and identity management and IDaaS partners can provide a fully integrated solution for authentication, access management and application security.

Masking and Encryption

Masking and encryption solutions ensure data integrity and confidentiality by rendering sensitive data unreadable. Imperva SecureSphere’s integration with data masking and encryption products enable organizations to monitor, audit and protect database data in transit and at rest.


Imperva has enlisted the cooperation of industry’s leading platform providers to address its customers’ networking and virtualization requirements. Technology Alliance partners offer highly optimized platforms that, when combined with Imperva SecureSphere, offer flexible, reliable, best-of-breed data security.

Imperva has partnered with premier networking hardware vendors to meet the performance and high availability requirements of large enterprise and service providers. Integration with virtualized software vendors enables Imperva SecureSphere to be deployed as a software virtual appliance in dynamic, virtualized or cloud environments. Partnerships with operating system vendors facilitate the development and testing on Imperva SecureSphere software agents.

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway solutions protect Web-surfing PCs from infection and enforce company policies. Imperva helps Secure Web Gateway partners extend their solutions to provide their customers visibility into cloud app usage and risk.

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