One of the challenges facing organizations that need increase the security of their database firewall is to concretely provide appropriate “Return on Investment” (ROI) for procurement justification organizations can only allocate a finite amount of budget towards security efforts therefore security managers need to be able to justify any commercial services, tools and appliances they want to deploy. Producing tangible ROI for security efforts that addresses driver needs is both quite challenging and critically important.


The challenge for security managers is to not focus on the technical intricacies of latest complex database firewall vulnerability or attack. To ensure there is proper security there is need for the use of vulnerability scan reports or the use of the cost of data breach study. The cost of data breach is of very great importance for it can be able to provide an organization with the needed information I order to budget towards the security efforts. This is because the data breach provides information such as:

  • The most expensive data breach: This is able to provide organizations with the maximum of what a data breach can cost them. Such information is of great importance for it sets the target for organizations even in the case of a very serious data breach
  • Size of data breaches: The report on data breach study provides this information which can be used by organizations to prepare for the size of data breaches they should expect it gives them a good platform to plan in dealing with data breaches.
  • Causes of data breaches: Such information is very crucial for it gives organizations the much needed information of what could have cost a data breach or what is likely to cause a data breach in the future. This information can be useful to prevent data breaches for it provides organization with the information on where they need to provide top security to avoid data breaches. Such information is of very importance when planning a new or issuing a budget towards the security of an organization.
  • The most costly data breaches: This gives organizations the information on what type of data breach is very expensive which can for example be malicious and criminal attacks. This gives the information on what type if data breach they ought to avoid at all cost for if they occur they are going to be very expensive on the organization.
  • Factors that increased and decreased the cost of data breach: Such information provides the information on what actions an organization ought to do to decrease the cost of data breach and the doings they are to avoid if they want to lower the cost of a data breach.
  • The least and most amount spent on detection and escalation: This information is of great importance in the creating of a budget towards the maintenance of security. This gives the organization the overview of how other similar organization as theirs spent on detection and escalation and gives them at least an idea on what amount they should give towards such issues.
  • If organizations are likely to have a data breach: this information gives is important for it informs organizations whether they are to expect a data breach in the future which is definitely what they are to expect for data breaches are almost impossible to avoid but can be reduced. This information gives organizations the information that they are to always issue a certain amount in dealing with data breaches.

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