A database software is a type of software that is designed for the creation and the managing of information stored within a database. Most of the time it is referred to as database management systems (DBMs). Database software has numerous tools whose primary usage is for storing, modifying, extracting and searching for information within a database.


There are major uses of a database software within any organization such as bookkeeping on task, compiling client lists to running your online web site. Due to the fact that a database software has a lot of uses there are a dozen of software programs available. Some of the popular database software programs include desktop solutions such as Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro and server solutions like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

The top database management software products include the following:

Application Manager

Application manager is an enterprise ready, easy to use affordable solution that enables organizations to monitor their mission-critical applications and data centers effectively. It helps you to monitor web applications, web servers, application servers, databases and systems which are majorly important that is it grants a life line to an organization or business. Its heterogeneous monitoring capability and business centric view helps the IT team to troubleshoot application performance issues quickly. This being a product of ManageEngine.

DataSunrise Database Security

DataSunrise software secures databases and data in real-time. It has a bunch of capabilities which include: database firewall, audit, data masking and protection, active monitoring of activity and access to the production databases in real-time. Protection of sensitive data is a guarantee in the usage of the product provided by DataSunrise Database Security.

Oracle Database

This product by Oracle is a leading enterprise grade relational database that offers secure data management and transaction processing. With its very reliable products Oracle database is able to be one of the best database software’s.


This is a free source post-relational database system. With its many capabilities it has been able to be the leading choice by developers and databases world-wide, it is robust, secure and boasts of a very high performance.

Zoho Creator

In the event when every business is unique and different from one another, there cannot possibly be one software that solves them all. Zoho Creator provides essential tools and all the help one needs to build custom applications; all by yourself regardless of your technical expertise. This must be the major reason why over four million users around the world have been able to build and custom applications for their own various needs. This being a product by Zoho.


MySQL is credited for being able to develop and market a family of high performance, affordable database servers and tools. The major mission is to be able to make superior data management available and affordable for all. The products provided are able to build the mission-critical, high volumes systems and products worldwide. With superior speed, reliability and ease to use, MySQL has become the preferred choice of corporate IT managers because it eliminates the major problems associated with maintenance, administration and support.  This being a product if Microsoft.

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