Firewall software builds an intelligent barrier to protect you from bad things on the internet that want to reach your computer.


Computer firewall software derive their name from the fireproof barriers, called firewalls, which stop fire from spreading through buildings, airplanes and vehicles. There exist both hardware-based and software-based types of firewalls for computers. This article will not really purposed to tell on which is the best firewall software of all the many existing firewalls in the market, rather it will help you to know the qualities of firewall software that can be of great help to you as the user.

Firewall software technology has been in existence from the 1980s, when the first firewalls filtered the packets that comprise the traffic that flows over computer networks, including the internet. These firewall software check the communication packets to see if they match certain rules. They assume that computers are using standard port numbers for functions such as web browsing and email transmission. Suppose any computer is using non-standard ports, packet filtering may no longer be effective.

Broadly speaking, firewall software is necessary for your PC. Without them, your internet-connected computer may not last for many minutes before succumbing to an attack. A while ago Vista, Windows operating systems included an excellent two-way firewall, which means it can protect against things trying to attack from the outside and things trying to connect with their senders once they make it inside the firewall to your computer. Many people are satisfied to run the Windows firewall, and there is nothing wrong with that really. The following points may act as your guide for finding your most suitable firewall software;

Firewall Software Features 
The best firewall software for Windows must be able to protect against incoming threats and be able to block outgoing threats from malware attacks that has successfully infiltrated your system. Good firewall software will know when it is under attack because it will constantly scan the computer’s ports to detect threats. A firewall software applies certain rules to the packets it sees in order to enforce polices. It knows when to allow or reject traffic. Immediately it detects illegal traffic, it applies filters so that only traffic that it defines as legal makes it through.

Additional Security
Some firewall software are just firewalls by name and offer a limited range of protection. However, most personal firewall software is one module inside of a larger security software bundle. Neither approach is good enough. You might also consider whether you want protection against phishing attacks, and you might even extend your interest to those products in our review that provide parental controls, password managers, file shredders and virtual keyboards. However, with such additional security features, you are well beyond the purview of a firewall.

Help & Support Offers
Some firewall software publishers may only support you by email, am not saying this is wrong, however, some companies make themselves available all the time via telephone or online chat. This feature can help you a lot when you encounter certain hiccups with your firewall software.

If these tips are effectively followed, then you are at the best firewall software.

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