A Database Monitoring Tool refers to a software that helps in watching the operation of databases and giving massive information in such a way that necessary steps can be taken prior to break down of important commercial processes take place.


Database Monitoring assists you in monitoring database for performance and vigour. Database Monitoring also allow you to watch important parameters like Table locks, Memory consumption, Connections information, Transaction Rate, User Call Rate etc.
Robust database monitoring tools can monitor databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 etc.

There are actually very many database monitoring tools available online, some are free while some are bought. The list above is just but a cup of water from a lake.

Moving forward, Any benefits of these Database Monitors? Yes there are;

  1. A database Monitoring tool earns you the ability to independently monitor and audit all database activity, including administrator activity and select transactions. Database monitoring tools can also record all SQL transactions.
  2. They are also able to store these activities securely outside the database.
  3. These tools are able to aggregate and correlate activity from multiple different Database Management Systems. The tools can work with multiple Database Management Systems like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and normalize transactions from different DBMSs despite differences between SQL flavours.
  4. The database monitoring tool has the ability to enforce separation of duties on database administrators and help in the understanding and selection of a Database Activity Monitoring Solution
  5. DMT helps to generate alerts on any act of policy violations within the company. These tools are not limited to just recording activity, they also provide real-time monitoring and rule-based alerting. For instance, one might create a rule that generates an alert every time a Database Activity performs a select query on a credit card column which returns more than 5 results.

Many other Database Monitoring Tools give other levels of database monitoring, i.e Security Information and Event Management, log management, and database management, but Database Activity Monitoring products are distinguished by their ability to capture and parse all SQL in real time or near real time and monitor DBA activity.

Depending on the underlying platform, one standing out advantage of most Database Monitoring tools is their ability to perform auditing without relying on local database logging, which often entails a extensive performance cost. All the other major tools also offer other features far much beyond just routine monitoring and alerting, these can range from vulnerability assessment to change in management.

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