It will be handy to first get acquainted with the term Database Software via the link below. Online Database Software therefore, by simple definition refers to a web based filling system that is designed as a storage tool for information. The database can then be accessed by web scripts and are usually purchased through subscriptions.

Online databases are important because they allow you to access your information from anywhere, anytime and not only at your work station. Most people, particularly researchers in this case prefer to store their findings online such that these findings can be later retrieved by interested parties to help solve a situation at hand.

In other words, any database that can be accessed from a network including the internet through software is what is referred to as Online Database Software. It is different from the local database in that the local database is held just in an individual computer or is attached to external local storages like flash disks etc.

Example of online database software include

Zoho Creator

This is a web database and also a development tool for custom application that allows user to develop web database applications in managing information about your business with the cloud.


This one is a free web database application which allows you to develop and manage the entire customized online database in just a matter of minutes for home and commercial purposes.


Another one of the many online database softwares that gives you freedom to design and mange all your data without any difficulty at all. It also has a simple to use UI that allows users to develop, delete, search and modify data once the user has appropriately defined its structure as desired.

MyTaskHelper (MTH)

This one is a web relational database and the same time a web form builder which is also a useful tool for creating databases. One needs not to learn a programming language in order to be able to operate this online database software.


Is a platform that gives any person interested in creating an online database application, web forms and online database without necessarily having to write any single line of code. It also has user friendly UI that allows user to develop powerful web database applications that embed into your CMS, intranet and website with very little effort.


This is one is a highly on demand web database software that enables one to create own customized database application useful in capturing workflow, business processes, and sharing data. It possesses some features like security permissions, several cases access, matching and sorting data on certain criteria hence obtaining quick observation of essential data in business.

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