Are you confident about the security of your database environment?  Database security and compliance requires a defensive in-depth multi- layered security model that includes preventive, detective and administrative controls. The increasing pressure of compliance regulations and security policies make the deployment of high level database protection a must for an organization. Below are tips on database security compliance.


Prevent Database bypass

Database bypass threats target  operating systems files and backup media. It starts with preventing Operating System level data access. Encryption of backup media and proper disposal of media are well understood security controls but most attacks focus on attacking servers themselves. Transparent Data Encryption and data reduction capabilities are key to protectung sensitive data.It helps prevent unauthorized access to …

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets standards for protecting sensitive patient data.This implies that any healthcare provider that electronically stores, processes or transmits medical records, medical claims, certifications must comply with the HIPAA standards. It applies only to electronic medical transaction hence no need to purchase a computer based system.


HIPAA requires that all patients must be in a position to access their own medical records, correct errors and omissions and information on how the personal details are being used.Other provisions include privacy procedures to patients, medical records and billing systems.

HIPAA provides a set of standards and compliance to covered entities: any one who provides treatment payment and operations in health care and Business associates; anyone …

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Cyber threats and breach of data have become a pain in a number of businesses. They literally render one helpless. In fact end points as well as network security are not enough anymore. This is because they really neither protect your data nor your applications. Data and applications are the most important things in any business as they run the business.


This is where Imperva data and security solutions come in. We understand just how important these two are to you. If you have been a victim of cyber security threat, you will be glad to know that Imperva is always present, ready to deliver the best cyber security solutions with a bid to protect your data as well as …

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Whether you are an individual, a start up company or you have been in your business for some time, you must admit the importance of internet use cannot be better emphasized. But imagine one day if all your data could be put at risk and anyone could get access? That would be more than hazardous. This is what data breach is all about. Data breach is when one’s personal identification information is put electronically put at risk. This could also be done on paper. Some of the personal and private information could be one’s driving license number, credit card data, social security number and many more.


Electronic breaches take place when unencrypted personal information lands on the hands of a …

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Nothing feels safer than a powerful security software in an organization. DataSunrise Database Security Software is the ultimate software option with high performance software for real time data protection.

Data Sunrise logo

DataSunrise software helps securing the corporate database from external threats like exploiting software vulnerability. With applications that run independently, DataSunrise is easy to operate and deploy, as it uses advanced algorithms to perform continuous database traffic monitoring and data detection.

The key services of DataSunrise include;

Data masking.

DataSunrise creates structurally similar but inauthentic version of an organization data to be used in software testing and user training. This prevents sensitive data exposure due to it’s dynamic masking capabilities. DataSunrise has the capability to hide all the data or part of …

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With many companies still grappling with their loss of crucial information to hackers and other criminals, database security measures have been developed in that their data, database applications, database servers as well as the associated network links are protected. This is to ensure that confidentiality, integrity and access by unauthorized person are prevented.


Database security mechanisms have also been designed to ensure that malware attacks that may interrupt or cause damage to crucial data is prevented in the best way possible. For that reason, there are various software that have been made specifically to help in masking, monitoring and auditing of the various activities that are conducted on such data. These softwares will help in detecting and indicating any changes …

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The peace that comes with protecting sensitive information from theft and unauthorized access is the most sought after by organizations. Data masking comes in handy to solve this problem.It entails creating structurally similar but authentic version of an organization’s data, that can be used for the purpose of software testing and user training. Data masking aims at protecting actual data, while having functional substitutes for occasions when real data is not in use. Data masking maintains the data format while changing the values only.


What Tips Should Organizations Consider In Data Masking?

Assess The Project Scope

There is more to data masking than mere encryption.Organizational information must be in a format that provides valid information that is free from plagiarism. …

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Every waking day, companies are coming up with ways of protecting their valuable albeit very private information that is needed for their daily running and completion of various transactions. This is because their information is always at risk of being hacked therefore making them vulnerable especially to their competitors who are always looking for ways of outdoing them.


For that reason there are various security software that have been developed in order to safeguard their databases. Such software includes Green SQL which has the ability to equally provide security solutions for businesses in an affordable and easy to execute manner. In addition, it aids in auditing, masking as well as caching.

Advantages of Green SQL

One of the benefits of …

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Cyber threats can literally render you helpless. And this is where Fortinet comes in to help you. Having the best IT infrastructure translates to you having a great online time. Founded in 2000 with its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, Fortinet provides one of the best network security appliances in the world.

Their services are rendered to carriers, distribution offices, enterprises, MSSPs, data centres and many others. Services provided by Fortinet not only secure your IT infrastructure but also simplify it. Some of the network security products provided include Fortinet Fortigate Firewall Platform and Advanced Threat Protection.

Fortinet Fortigate Firewall Platform is a next generation security product from Fortinet that is suited to protect you from cyber threats no matter how …

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The latest Application Firewalls are taking the market by storm day in day out. For something as sensitive as information on Application Firewalls, it is best for an organization to look at its threats and the products available to secure the various parts of the organization’s network.


Where would you turn to when you are in dire need of a perfect Application Firewall?


Your destination must be in either of the five listed Web Application Firewalls below;


Barracuda Networks Web Application Firewalls

It has been in the marker for almost a decade as a provider of a variety of products including several security solutions, Data back up, Server Load Balancing (SBL) among others. It also offers many …

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