Fortigate Network Security platforms

Nothing satiates a website owner than a software application, that protects sensitive information and enhances smooth operations of the website at a friendly cost. Fortigate provides a true Network Security Platforms with a wide range of models and a common security Operating System.

 Preset features

New IT technology; mobility and cloud have made network boundaries become complex to secure. However network organization need to install detections and protections to cut down exploitation. Fortigate Network Security platform is the ultimate solution.With just a click,customers can select a variety of present configuration options, including Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Web filtering and Unified Threat Management(UTM).

 Context Visibility

Fortigate Network Security platforms, give organizations real- time and historical insight on network use based on the device, user and applications. This platform enables a class of Firewall called Internal Segmentation Firewall which can be easily installed to provide immediate visibility and control of internal network.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

This is a common option in the Fortigate Network Security platforms.It enhances security combat and multi-vector persistent attacks thus preventing malicious websites and traditional viruses. Among it’s features are;

  • Botnet DB blacklist; It prevents command and control from remote systems through IP reputation.
  • Web filtering; Identifies and blocks suspicious websites.
  • Advanced AV engine; Uses unique techniques and OS independent local sandboxing.
  • Malware sandboxing; Identifies zero day malware via cloud based AV sandboxing.


Fortigate Network Security appliances

Fortigate/FortiWifi 30D and Fortigate/FortiWifi 60D series are the latest appliances in the market.

Like any other product,they range in price and size.These appliances are made up of sophisticated technology that serve the consumers best.

With multiple security technology in a single appliance, Fortigate 30D unifies one multiple hardware devices and software solutions into simple security with customized effects.

Fortigate 30D series are a compact all in one security appliances that deliver connected UTM. They serve best in home offices, small businesses as they offer strong Network Security connectivity and tremendous perfomances. It uses Forti OS Lite, an easy to use version of the world’s only purpose built Network Security operating system and a custom ASIC technology that ensures the most comprehensive and highest performing security platform.  The connected UTM is of capabilities that include firewalls, IPS Application control, web filtering together with the latest technology in Advance Persistent Threats.

Fortigate/FortiWifi 60D series are appliances that cut down on the need of additional wireless access points. This is made possible by integrating a high-bend width into the Fortigate with the Fortigate 60D. These appliances also offers great options  to secure mobile devices with automatic device identification, customize access and security policies. Among the fratures are; Unit Hardware, Firmware and general upgrade,Antivirus, Web content filtering and antispam.With Fortigate 60D you get flexibility to match your business needs and meet compliance standards like (Peripheral Component Interconnect) PCI.

For traffic monitoring in and out of your Private Networks, Fortigate Network and Security platforms and appliances, should be your number one choice.

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