No matter the type of industry you may fall in, you must admit the essence of internet technology is quite important. And with technology, you have to keep refreshing your knowledge so as to continue staying afloat and to be on top of the game.

At times this might be difficult because of the busy schedules and this in turn leaves your business at high risk to technological threats. This articles aims to show you why you should go for Fortinet firewall. Fortinet is an IT company that provides network security solutions to various people in different industries. They provide their services to enterprises, data centers, careers, SMBs and so on.

Fortinet firewall has clearly structured its program to effectively …

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Fortigate Network Security platforms

Nothing satiates a website owner than a software application, that protects sensitive information and enhances smooth operations of the website at a friendly cost. Fortigate provides a true Network Security Platforms with a wide range of models and a common security Operating System.

 Preset features

New IT technology; mobility and cloud have made network boundaries become complex to secure. However network organization need to install detections and protections to cut down exploitation. Fortigate Network Security platform is the ultimate solution.With just a click,customers can select a variety of present configuration options, including Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Web filtering and Unified Threat Management(UTM).

 Context Visibility

Fortigate Network Security platforms, give organizations real- time and …

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Database optimization refers to the different techniques that can be used to reduce database response time so as to maximize the response time for each query made, usually using a particular interface language as well as maximize the output of the entire database server by reducing network traffic, disc input/output and CPU time. This can only be achieved through understanding the application requirements, the logical and physical structure of the data, and tradeoff between conflicting uses of the database such as online transaction processing verses decision support.

How to Optimize Server Performance


The first step when trying to optimize server performance is profiling. As one of the basic rules of optimization suggests, one should never assume but should always verify …

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Secure Sphere for SharePoint helps companies protect crucial data stored within Microsoft SharePoint. It addresses the unique security requirements of SharePoint’s file, web and database elements, ensuring that users with legitimate business needs can access data and others cannot. Secure Sphere for SharePoint also provides visibility and analysis of access rights and data usage, and delivers protection against web-based threats.


It’s key capabilities concerning securing your database majorly entails enforcing business rules by generating message alerts or blocking access to files in SharePoint. In addition, it also provides document compliance, conduct forensic investigations and isolate changes.

Moving forward, SecureSphere for SharePoint provides multi-layered security that includes a Web Application Firewall to protect against web-based attacks, user rights management and activity …

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Oracle is one of the world’s famously used relational database engines. It’s system is a framework in which data objects can be accessed by users directly through structured query language. Oracle management is preferred by global enterprises which manage and process data across wide and local networks. Among the operations performed in the Oracle management are; monitoring performance, administration and maintenance of databases and data groups. Other tasks to be managed are configuration of the database, memory and storage management, user management, managing database objects such as tables, creation of backups for the database, performing basic troubleshooting issues among others.


So what is oracle management all about?

For this to be executed there has to be an Oracle database made …

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