The latest Application Firewalls are taking the market by storm day in day out. For something as sensitive as information on Application Firewalls, it is best for an organization to look at its threats and the products available to secure the various parts of the organization’s network.


Where would you turn to when you are in dire need of a perfect Application Firewall?


Your destination must be in either of the five listed Web Application Firewalls below;


Barracuda Networks Web Application Firewalls

It has been in the marker for almost a decade as a provider of a variety of products including several security solutions, Data back up, Server Load Balancing (SBL) among others. It also offers many common and expanded threats including Open Web Application Securities (OWASP). Barracudas Network WAF offer threat protection that includes;

  • Cookie tampering.
  • Form validation and protection.
  • Cross-site scripting attack.
  • Data loss prevention support.

among others.


Barracuda Firewall can be installed via physical appliances, virtual appliances (Hyper-V, Virtual Box) or in cloud (Microsoft Azure).


Citrix Netscaler Application Firewall

It’s build together with the company’s Application Delivery Controller(ADC) Solution.Organizations with existing ADC or other Citrix deployment will select Netscaler platform which is a well respected Application Firewall. It has the ability to perform deep packet inspection of HTTPS,HTTP and XML.Among its threat protection are;

  • Authenticating, authorization and auditing support.
  • HTTPS and XML reply and request format validation
  • Cookie tampering among others.

It can be deployed as a standalone or as an optional module of ADC platform. For the optional module, it is installed vas a stand alone, in six of Net Scaler ADC licence without any hardware changes.


F5-BIG IP Application Security Manager(ASM)

This Application Firewall offers many modules that can be intergrated into the ADC platform including the ASM. The ASM provides a comprehensive solution that offers protection from a number of common and uncommon threats such as;

  • Virtual pitching.
  • Form validation and protection.
  • Session hijacking.
  • Java Script Object Notation (JSON).

This Application Firewall is available in stand alone or add-on model for BIG-UP Local Traffic Manager(LTM), Virtual edition or any of its platform. It can be offered as a part of F5 option which is a managed service.

Fortiner Fortiweb Application Firewall

A small portion of this business focuses on Application Firewall offering. The different appliances in channels include Sandbox, ADC Database protection.The common threat protection offered by this solution are;

  • HTTP DoS
  • SQL interjection attack.
  • Cookie tampering.
  • HTTP and XML Reply and request format validation. Its availability is in Physical appliances installed in Xenserver, Hyper-B, VMware.


Imperva SecureSphere Application Firewall.

It’s the only pure-play option solution that is best in the market. It’s a comprehensive Application Firewall solution, with a robust system that renders it too expensive to be afforded by certain organizations.It offers protection from a number of threats as;

  • Session Hijacking.
  • SQL injection.
  • Support for SSL offloading among others.

This Application Firewall is not build on ADC Platform and is available as a physical appliances such as Virtual machine VMware or Amazon AWS.It’s alsoavailable as a service.


There is much more in the Application Firewalls, but these are the top cream that every successful organization should run to.

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