Barely a week goes without a high ranking multimillion dollar hacking incident covers the public news. The exponential expansion of information security threats is really worrying. So how can enterprises employees deal with such demanding threats and curb them before they throw the organization into a quagmire?


Identifying the databases

Ensure that you go through your database to discover those that are undocumented or non-compliant that can pose a potential cybercrime. How do you do it? With a configuration management system that collects, stores, manages, updates and presents data on software, it can be easier to carry out this exercise. Also by development of standards and procedures for database management. Standards ensure a consistency and effectiveness of data while procedures are the step by step processes. Failure to implement this two will result in a confusing database environment n problems in management, thus promoting, threats from hackers.

Apply accurate behavioral analysis.

This is all about detecting advanced to detect database attacks on time. You can employ DBN- 6300 that operates at the database tier list in front of the database. This location is very perfect in analyzing database traffic as it immediately identifies advanced database attacks, traffic to and from restricted segments.DBN-6800 is easy to set up, and the results are very impressive.

Provision of insights on the data in motion.

During interaction of applications with their connected databases, some pop ups are necessary to serve as warnings on attacks or virus. This is made possible by getting the virtual appliances or software to detect any fishy activities. Employing a team of competent staff, will boost the detection program. Keep monitoring your database for any threats.

Identify violations of database connectivity.

Most applications operate as highly trusted users with one big user account for communicating with the database. With the increasing number of attacks on database, deploying detective controls is veey necessary as an overall defense security strategy. Ensure that you understand the risks associated with the individual systems to be able to counterattack the detected violations.

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