Data security is a growing concern day in day out. The best that the related organizations should implement to counterattack such a threat, is getting to understand the basics relating to data security. Here comes in database firewall and antivirus. These two are fundamentally different and complementary kinds of security application. What differentiate each from the other?


Database Firewall

It can be literally termed as a screen or sieve that categorically strains out potential harmful data. It monitors network traffic and   connections attempts into and out of computers and determines whether to allow it in or not. Database Firewall can be limited to simple IP or port combination. Normally, Firewall works at a Network Protocol Level ie it determines how the protocol will be allowed into an internet Network.

It is an advance security approach that will block bad or unwanted network protocols that are inappropriately used. A Database Firewall is placed at any border within the network security area. Traditionally, Firewalls were placed at the border router to connect them to Internet.


It is a software program installed in a computer that will trace programs/ files that might compromise your computer functionality either by being executable. An antivirus exploits the vulnerability in the programs that are to be processed. Detection of harmful programs or files downloaded from net or attached to an Email, that are already installed in your computer or about to be installed in your computer, is what antivirus does best. The protective measures could be based on settings such as quarantine, permanent removal fixing among others.

The Antivirus program has to be frequently updated, each new strain of virus with or specific signature. It works at a file level analyzing web pages downloaded. It works as an afterwards security approach notable after the date of Malware appearance. For an Antivirus to be effective, it must be installed in all computers within a fleet to up the security level.

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