Feeling inadequately protected against increasingly sophisticated hackers who are out to extort large chums from you through blackmail by stealing data to sell it to the black mail? You surely need to think outside the box and take the necessary precautions to prevent great losses of your organizations due to cyber-attacks. So what you ought to know to about improving vyber security?


Installing an antivirus software

Using an antivirus software that is up to date ensures your cyber security is updated. An antivirus protects important documents from being lost or scrapped off your system. It is a sure way to keep your articles from being tampered with.

Using sophisticated passwords.

The passwords used should be complex and easy to remember. At least 8 characters with a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Change password more frequently if it is more prone to hacking. Don’t share the password with anyone.

Monitor the operating system

Protect your computer using firewall from intruders. With strangers, never share your access to your computer with them. Frequently, check for the Operating System to see if it allows any other person to access your work. Remember, anyone with hardware knowledge, can open up your account to the Internet. For that reason, back up your computer data and consider keeping the version of site. Regularly download security protection which is updated. You will not that they come up with an extra package called patches. Patched are released by most companies to cover up security holes that may come up in the process of trying to maintain it.

Train employees on the way forward.

To run a successful cyber operations, your employees must be well equipped with knowledge on how to counter attack any challenges that may come by. Teach them how to upload virus protecting software. Give them training relevant to the cyber security systems, how to download patches from software vendors and create a proper password.

Evaluate the software settings.

In as much as you are well protected from cybercrimes, keep checking out your settings just in case of a clever attack. Give a keen eye on settings that connect to the internet for any weird activities. Scan your computer for spyware using a legitimate anti-spy program.

Dispose off sensitive information carefully

Just in case you have some sensitive information that you want to destroy, deleting it is not just enough. For it does not solve the issue. This information could still be tracked down from the recycling bin and used against you. Instead use online programs to completely destroy some sensitive information that could be vulnerable to the cyber hackers.

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