With Fortigate technology, your company is assured of business and security returns at a cost lower substantially lower than the benefits derived.


Fortigate Firewall is the leading and the worlds most trusted UTM Firewalls.A Security Research conducted an Information Security Investment Analysis (ISIA) of Fortinet’s unified threat management (UTM) solutions, interviewing Guess, Inc., an active Fortinet customer. Guess, Inc. purchased products to improve the flexibility of their existing VPN solution and to provide remote monitoring and PCI compliant segmentation at their 550 stores. After the roll out, the customer discovered additional use cases that were easy to implement because of the segmentation in place with Fortinet.

For example, stores were able to do more with the Internet and social media by tweeting sales and events and promoting social interaction with younger customers. By implementing PCI compliant segmentation using Fortinet, Guess, Inc. was able to separate the social media and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) traffic via smartphones and tablets from the payment traffic in the cardholder data environment (CDE). Without proper segmentation of the store networks, all of the social media interaction would flow through the CDE and become part of the PCI audit scope. This implies that there is a benefit of additional to guess after investing in Fortigate firewall, a product of the Fortinet.

It was noted that Guess, Inc. experienced no increase in administrative management time with FortiGate over the old VPN solution; the customer does not see a difference in number of outages or amount of downtime. Mail processing and payment transaction speeds are equal with the previous solution. The customer reported that VPN recovery is significantly faster with the Fortinet solution. For example, the company moved their data center from a location in an urban area (where power hits occasionally took out the entire center) to a hardened facility with back-up power support.

During previous outages, after the VPN concentrators went down, it could take up to a few hours to restore all of the stores. With the Fortinet solution store connectivity can be restored in about 20 minutes. Estimating an average of one outage a year and a potential for average hourly earnings at a store of $5k an hour, cutting recovery time from two hours and 20 minutes to two minutes would result in a savings of $5.5 million a year.

Also, the customer mentioned that because Fortinet is a bundled solution there is no need to have multiple devices or products at the stores. . The customer did not have specific numbers for the savings incurred. However, if only one additional device was needed for each  store, and that one device resulted in an  additional 5 minutes of admin  time per day, the total additional admin time for the 550 stores  would be 16,729  hours per year ((5 x 550)/60)*365). Assuming a labor cost of $140 per hour (fully loaded) and a 40-hour workweek admin cost per year for having a second device at each store is $2,342,060 per year.

A Fortigate Firewall can help you take advantage of productivity improvements provided by phones and tablets…. You have got to try it out.

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