The need to protect data cannot be exaggerated. This is especially true is the data is highly sensitive corporate data. No wonder companies, hospitals and startups are making cautious moves to ensure the safety of their data. Data protection has quite a number of benefits to these enterprises in terms of safety, economy, easy retrieval and back up.dbm

With the advancement in data protection technology, there are numerous data protection tools and software out there. Some of these tools are effective while others are faulty. Here are five of the top data protection tools and software.

The FalconStor Continuous Data Protector

This FalconStor is a very effective virtual appliance cum software application. It provides data storage solutions through an advanced software infrastructure for small businesses and corporate customers. However, this software is specially designed to help enterprises to securely back up their data both within their data hubs and remote sites. The application is very easy to install, once installed, it has a user friendly platform that requires no much technical know-how to operate.

PKWare PartnerLink

PKWare PartnerLink is a software developed for a well-defined channel of partners. The partners should have a common archival storage hub and would like to develop a safe link their customers’ data center. The software basically encrypts the data then compresses it in a bid to protect it from intrusion. Working as a sought of gateway application the application a licensed implementation from the partner’s side and a downloadable version of the same on the client/ customer’s side. When the application is installed and run, it can be effectively run partner’s premise which the clients are completely unaware of. PKWare PartnerLink is very effective and consequently very expensive data transit and storage tool.

RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite 

RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite provides an extensive system of data security, which audits the data and provides access tools to t enable protection of data hub, network surface and client endpoint. The suite has three basic components; RSA DLP Datacenter, RSA DLP Network and RSA DLP Endpoint. The system provides a mechanism for securing your data storage offerings while simultaneously providing a basis for your enterprise managed solutions.

Websense’s Content Protection Suite

Websense’s Content Protection Suite is a tool provides a number of database protection software as well as a valuable online service which can be integrated into the enterprise storage offerings a secure access and prevent corruption of corporate data. This gives the enterprise an option to address the needs of SMBs as well as clients while providing a logical evolution path for.

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