Most organisations today are victims of database threats because they fail to keep track of their databases. Today we are going to check out some top 5 database analysis tools that are going to help you analyse your data effectively. The analysis tools discussed here today can well be used even with one who has little or no knowledge about data analysis will be able to use them. One with more IT skills can certainly do a lot more with them.


With BigML data analysis, users upload data and format it. It is a very simple process. BigML then discovers the relationships existing between the variables. It then creates a predictive model users enter data and after a short period they get a prediction.


This has a host of Unix-like command line tools used to import, analyze and reformat data files that are comma separated. While you can put your data into Excel to analyze it, CSVKit makes it quick as well as easy analyze, preview and summarize it.

A data structure will be generated by two commands. The structure can be used by several SQL database formats. A table will be created by the SQL code that infers the data type for each field and the insert commands for adding data to the table. This database analysis tool can work on any windows, Mac or Linux system that has python installed.


This is a very famous jQuery plug-in which creates searchable and sortable HTML tables from a number of data sources. What’s even more interesting is the fact that results can be searched in real time. This data analysis tool only runs on javascript enabled web browsers.


If you have simple data such as a few columns and rows infogram might as well be the best tool to use. It has been expanded to also include huge number of charts and graphs. It gives very simple data and you can use it to enter your own table or format the table you would like to upload.

Many Eyes

IBM runs this free web services which include a range of visualizations such as maps, pie charts, scatter plots and much more. What makes it stand out is the suit of text analysis tools that it offers. Users paste a plain text page into the web interface and press visualize button.


Here users upload their data then check the variables they are concerned with and it will also show their relationship. Graphs are normally accompanied with explanations of the data analysis.

It is important that organisations find the best data analysis tools to better run their enterprises. The above top 5 database analysis tools will certainly come in handy for any type of organisation. Though they are simple and can be used with a non- expert it is best to have an expert carry out the analysis and give advise.

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