If databases are not protected, they become so vulnerable and exposed to breaches. Mischievous insiders and hackers can access organization’s sensitive data and the outcome is obvious; they inflict damage and extract the value of the information in those databases. In this articles, we look at the top 5 database security threats faced by organizations today.


  1. Privilege Manipulation

Users may exploit, manipulate and misuse legitimate database license for unlawful resolves. For instance, an internal education application for viewing individual student records through a web interface. The web app typically restricts users to only viewing individual student’s educational record, one cannot view multiple records concurrently and neither are electronic copies allowed. Nonetheless, scoundrel users might still manage to sidestep these precincts and restrictions, connecting to the database using their legitimate login credentials through other apps and this makes the database unsafe and more susceptible to such breaches.

  1. Excessive and Fallow Privileges

When one is given database freedom exceeding their job function requirement, the freedom can be misused. For instance, a bank worker in charge of changing the contact information of account holders may take advantage his/her privilege and manipulate account balances of colleagues. This is one of the top 5 database security threats causing unnecessary risks in companies and organizations.

  1. Feeble Audit Trail

Computerized databases transaction chronicles involving delicate data and information is part of any database organization. Poor or undetailed collection of such database activities’ audit records puts the organization at greater risks. Poor database audit mechanism is a database security threat, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

  1. Exposure of Storage Media

Data is usually stored in certain storage media. Unprotected backup storage media is susceptible to attack as well as breaches and theft of storage tapes, backup disks, among other storage media. Failure to monitor and audit admin activities such as access to delicate information puts organizational data at risk.

  1. Unmanaged Delicate Data

Many firms struggle to keep perfect database inventories plus the data objects confined in them. Discounted database might comprise of sensitive information, leading to emergence of new database – for instance, in application testing settings. Without reflectivity to the security crew, vital data in such databases are exposed to threats if the desirable controls and consents aren’t executed.

To get started, these are top 5 database security threats affecting database organizations. However, there are still other vital security threats. Databases being the core of any organization, these threats must not be overlooked.

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