Database audit is normally carried out so as to be aware of the actions of the users of databases. This is carried out often for security purposes. Auditing is an important aspect with regards to compliance and security programs. There are four database audit appliances that are used to create, collect and analyze database audits.


  1. Native Audit

Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft and IBM offer this appliance which captures the same data although in different variations. Here, the database system is used to store, report, sort and filter events. As much as the data is stored up within the database, it can still be exported to flat text files or even be sent as an XML data feed to various applications. The …

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The internet has become a small trading universal market where several transactions take place on credit and debit cards. Sensitive data is not only transferred but also stored online. In the event such sensitive information falls into the hands of cyber criminals, this could result into serious financial repercussions both to traders as well as consumers. Payment Card Industry(PCI) compliance is a security checklist that aims to protect financial data and to help distinguish reliable enterprises from those that only have the aim of scheming money out of people’s pockets. Some of the ways and measures to securing website applications and databases are discussed below;


  1. Develop and Maintain Systems and Applications That are Secure

This one is all about putting …

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Data is any firm’s most important asset. It is thus important that organisations protect their databases the best way they can. Oracle understands this need and that is why for years it has stood to be number one in the provision of comprehensive security solution with regards to database firewall functionality so as to prevent sophisticated attacks from getting to databases.


Oracle is the world’s most complete, open and integrated business software and hardware Systems Company. The database product provided by Secerno offers defence against external attacks and unauthorised internal access, using a protective perimeter around Oracle as well as non-oracle databases. Oracle database security with Secerno aims at providing customers with a comprehensive and advanced security that aid to …

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In this world of cloud technology, data breach has become a household name. It is unfortunate that with the advancement of technology, most companies have failed to make attempts to protect their databases from all manners of attacks. At Oracle, database security is preferred to applications security.


Oracle has for the longest time provided database security solutions for various companies and organisations. At Oracle, we say security should be pushed down to the lowest level including the silicon level. Changes cannot be made at the silicon level because hackers have not cracked out a way yet of downloading changes to the microprocessor. Another security strategy is that database security should always be left on as this makes it impossible to …

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