Data is any firm’s most important asset. It is thus important that organisations protect their databases the best way they can. Oracle understands this need and that is why for years it has stood to be number one in the provision of comprehensive security solution with regards to database firewall functionality so as to prevent sophisticated attacks from getting to databases.


Oracle is the world’s most complete, open and integrated business software and hardware Systems Company. The database product provided by Secerno offers defence against external attacks and unauthorised internal access, using a protective perimeter around Oracle as well as non-oracle databases. Oracle database security with Secerno aims at providing customers with a comprehensive and advanced security that aid to lower the costs and complexity of securing information of a company.

Together with the technology provided by Secerno and the database security solutions by Oracle, customers can rest assured that their critical information is safe. Whether your database is Oracle or non- Oracle you can comfortably use the Oracle database security with Secerno. In the world of cloud technology you may never tell. Hackers endeavour to come up with newer threats and ways of hacking into your systems.

There are lots of risks that come with data breach among them legal suits, loss customer goodwill and many more. Due to the ever increasing customer challenges concerning the mitigation of database security risks, Secerno and Oracle merge to help relieve this burden.

The products block unauthorised access on real time basis. The team of experts are highly skilled and experienced. They are forward-looking and are always one step ahead of the hackers. Once you contact our team of experts you will be advised with the best solution that meets your demand. You will also be provided with the measures to take so as to avoid data breach. In case of any changes on your database, Oracle database security with Secerno will give you alerts right away. You cannot risk protecting your database in this current age. Stay ahead of your game by contacting Oracle for the best database security solutions.

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