In this world of cloud technology, data breach has become a household name. It is unfortunate that with the advancement of technology, most companies have failed to make attempts to protect their databases from all manners of attacks. At Oracle, database security is preferred to applications security.


Oracle has for the longest time provided database security solutions for various companies and organisations. At Oracle, we say security should be pushed down to the lowest level including the silicon level. Changes cannot be made at the silicon level because hackers have not cracked out a way yet of downloading changes to the microprocessor. Another security strategy is that database security should always be left on as this makes it impossible to turn off encryption.

Oracle has promised to create more features in silicon as well as create more chips. This will deny program access to memory that already belongs to another program. In the event such an occurance takes place, M7 hardware will issue out an alert in real time. Normally only a few servers will need the chip from Oracle for it to be effective in the customer’s Oracle cloud. The customer will then know that the database system is under attack and thus take the necessary measures.

There are various database security measures that a company may choose from. However, it is unfortunate that in a number of companies, database security does not get the seriousness  that it deserves and the right investment needs. This totally leaves the organisation at a vulnerable position. Most companies seek control measures once hit by a threat.

The benefits that can be drawn from using security strategies provided by Oracle are quite immense. To begin with, customers are protected from cloud threats. In the event of any attacks on the systems, customers are alerted on real time basis and provided with measures to take. The database security options provided are pocket friendly and will indeed meet their purpose. The Oracle contact team is always on stand no matter the time of the day to answer to your queries. Contact them today and set yourself free from all manner of cyber attacks.

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