The constantly increasing number of smartphones in the modern society has seen the field incorporate a rapid growth in related smartphone application counts. This has created an escalating scenario where the safety of both private and sensitive information is trusted to not so well known applications. The mobile device code security stack can generally be broken up into four unique platforms. The lowest layer of the stack is the infrastructure layer, followed upward by the hardware, operating system and application layers. These security stack layers each define a separate section of the security model of a smartphone or mobile device.


Each layer of the mobile code security model is basically responsible for the security of all its contents. Normally, the …

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No matter the type of industry you may fall in, you must admit the essence of internet technology is quite important. And with technology, you have to keep refreshing your knowledge so as to continue staying afloat and to be on top of the game.

At times this might be difficult because of the busy schedules and this in turn leaves your business at high risk to technological threats. This articles aims to show you why you should go for Fortinet firewall. Fortinet is an IT company that provides network security solutions to various people in different industries. They provide their services to enterprises, data centers, careers, SMBs and so on.

Fortinet firewall has clearly structured its program to effectively …

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A dynamic data breach refers to the incident where crucial information is stolen or taken from a system without the knowledge or consent of the system’s owner. Most common victims of data breaches are usually large companies or organizations, and the data stolen may often be sensitive, proprietary or confidential in nature for instance credit card numbers, customer data, trade secrets or matters of national security.

Dynamic data masking

Such damages created by incidents like these often present themselves as loss to the target company’s reputation with their customer, due to a perceived betrayal of trust. The damage may also involve the company’s finances as well as that of their customers’ should financial records be part of the information stolen.

Most importantly the …

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This article seeks to explore the dynamic data masking  as service paradigm and the challenges introduced by that. Today, efficient data processing is a fundamental and vital issue for almost every scientific, academic, or business organization. Therefore the organizations end up installing and managing database management systems to satisfy different data processing needs.


Although it is possible to purchase the necessary dynamic data masking software, hardware, deploy database products, establish network connectivity, and hire the professional people who run the system, as a traditional solution, this solution has been getting increasingly expensive and impractical as the database systems and problems become larger and more complicated. As described above, the traditional solution entails different costs. It might be arguable that …

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There exists a wide variety of firewall downloads that you can choose from that can help you protect your database from external attacks and prevent data loses and manipulations from untrustworthy employees.

Most of these firewall downloads are free online if not pocket friendly. All you need to do is install them and you are good to go with a secure database and attack free information.

They are in software types mostly and have a variety of specification for your system requirements under which they will be able to offer maximum database protection.

Primarily, you may want to get acquainted with a database firewall. Simply click here for more information. A firewall is database software tool that helps in securing …

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A Database Monitoring Tool refers to a software that helps in watching the operation of databases and giving massive information in such a way that necessary steps can be taken prior to break down of important commercial processes take place.


Database Monitoring assists you in monitoring database for performance and vigour. Database Monitoring also allow you to watch important parameters like Table locks, Memory consumption, Connections information, Transaction Rate, User Call Rate etc.
Robust database monitoring tools can monitor databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 etc.

There are actually very many …

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Fortinet is a comprehensive portfolio of security gateways and complementary products offers a powerful blend of ASIC-accelerated performance, integrated multi-threat protection, and constantly-updated, in-depth threat intelligence. This unique combination delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers, and telecommunications carriers, while reducing total cost of ownership and providing a flexible, scalable path for expansion.

FortiGate Network Security Platforms and Appliances

Fortinet delivers the most innovative and highest performing Next Generation Network Security platforms to protect against sophisticated Cyber Threats. We are a leading global provider of network security appliances available in both hardware and virtualized form factors to fit unique requirements of Carriers, Data Centers, Enterprises and Distributed offices.

We …

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Oracle data masking and subsetting pack for oracle enterprise manager enables organizations to comply with data privacy and protection mandates that restrict the use of actual customer data. In using oracle data masking and subsetting pack, organizations are able to replace sensitive information such as credit card and social security numbers with realistic values allowing production data to be safely used for nonproductive purposes.

Automatic Discovery of Sensitive Data and Relationships

Application data modelling automatically discovers columns from Oracle Database tables containing sensitive information based on built-in discovery patterns such as national identifiers, credit card numbers and other personally identifiable information. It also automatically discovers parent-child relationships defined in the database.

Comprehensive Masking Transformations

Comprehensive masking transformations caters different …

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The Most And Least Expensive Data Breaches:

German and USA companies have the most and costly data breaches. They also experienced the highest total cost. The least costly data breaches occurred in Brazil and India. In Brazil, the average total cost for a company was relatively higher than the ones of India.

Size Of Data Breaches:

On average, USA and Arabian region companies had data breaches that resulted in the greatest number of exposed or compromised records. On average, Japanese and Italian companies had the smallest number of breached records.

Causes Of Data Breaches Differ Among Countries:

Companies in the Arabian region and in Germany were most likely to experience a malicious or criminal attack, followed by France …

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The oracle data guard forms an extension of the oracle relational database management system (RDBMS). It mainly aids in the establishing and maintaining of secondary databases “standby databases” as an alternative or supplementary repositories to production of “primary databases”. Oracle provides with both graphical user interface (GUI) and command–line tools for managing data guard configurations.

Data guard provides both physical standby and logical standby sites. Oracle corporation makes Data guard available only as a bundled feature included within its “enterprise edition” of the oracle RDBMS. With appropriate set-up of Data guard operations, database administrators can facilitate failovers or switchovers to alternative hosts in the same or alternative locations.

For the purpose of Data guard, each Oracle database functions either in …

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