The need to protect data cannot be exaggerated. This is especially true is the data is highly sensitive corporate data. No wonder companies, hospitals and startups are making cautious moves to ensure the safety of their data. Data protection has quite a number of benefits to these enterprises in terms of safety, economy, easy retrieval and back up.dbm

With the advancement in data protection technology, there are numerous data protection tools and software out there. Some of these tools are effective while others are faulty. Here are five of the top data protection tools and software.

The FalconStor Continuous Data Protector

This FalconStor is a very effective virtual appliance cum software application. It provides data storage solutions through an advanced …

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Database optimization refers to the different techniques that can be used to reduce database response time so as to maximize the response time for each query made, usually using a particular interface language as well as maximize the output of the entire database server by reducing network traffic, disc input/output and CPU time. This can only be achieved through understanding the application requirements, the logical and physical structure of the data, and tradeoff between conflicting uses of the database such as online transaction processing verses decision support.

How to Optimize Server Performance


The first step when trying to optimize server performance is profiling. As one of the basic rules of optimization suggests, one should never assume but should always verify …

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What happens when a company laptop goes missing? What of when customer payment records are stolen? Paper files are lost. Worse still, suppose online systems are hacked? What next for such a company especially if it is an upcoming company trying to establish itself? Truly speaking, any enterprise that collects or stores sensitive personal information be it electronically or in paper files, is at risk for a dynamic data breach. According to the 2013 Verizon Dynamic data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 31% of all data breaches investigated in 2012 occurred in organizations with less than 100 employees.

Counteract Dynamic Data Breaches With Prevention.

The DBIR also revealed that most breaches investigated in 2012 were preventable. As a matter of …

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To first of all know about data masking, click here;

For Legal Requirements

The regulatory environment surrounding the duties and obligations of any person holding certain data to safeguard the information they are required to maintain are rapidly becoming more rigorous in almost every legal jurisdiction. It is usually an assumption that the standards for the security and maintenance of data will become increasingly strict in the near future.

To Prevent The Loss of Confidence And Public Relations Disasters

It is often said that in most locations, if a data loss occurs at your organization, then you will face more than the formal legal sanctions instituted by governmental bodies. Actually, when this happens, it may not even be the …

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Securing of data in the database is key to any organization wishing to stay on top. Mostly securing of the database is done to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the database as well as preventing intentional or unintentional destruction, infection or corruption of information.


While data encryption is one of the most commonly used ways, it is just one of the many techniques that can be used to implement database security. Steps to ensure data security involves majorly understanding applicable threats, aligning appropriate layers of defense and continual monitoring of activity logs and taking the needed actions.

There are common areas of focus pertaining to the securing of stored data. While the data is stored, being moved or accessed. Protection

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DataSunrise Database Security Software protects both data and database from external and internal threats while performing database audit and protection. DataSunrise database Security can be deployed and run easily on your premises or in the cloud where the databases are situated. DataSunrise allows the launching of the system without any changes in the configuration of existing software, database environment, or operating system.

DataSunrise Database Security is actively available on the spot to protect data in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. The user may select to install it locally on the database server or remotely anywhere the connectivity is.

DataSunrise Database Firewall includes effective default rule set out the box. It also gives one an option to easy customize the rule …

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The study uses a confidential and proprietary benchmark method that has been successfully used in past research. However there are inherent shortcomings that come with the use of benchmark research that need to be carefully considered before drawing conclusions from the findings provided. Such limitations are very sensitive and can change a lot on how to view the performance of different companies so it’s wise to consider they include;


Non-response: The findings are based on a small representative sample of benchmarks. A few companies participate and complete the benchmark process. There is no test for a non-bias response so it is always possible that companies that did not participate are substantially different in terms of underlying data breach cost. This …

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Oracle Database Firewall is the first line of defense for database. It provides real-time monitoring of database activity on the network. Highly accurate SQL grammar-based technology is used to block unauthorized transactions hence enabling the blocking of internal and external attacks from reaching the database. Oracle Database firewall is easy to deploy, requiring no changes to the existing applications or databases.

Oracle Database Firewall creates a defensive wall around a database while enforcing and monitoring normal application behavior. It also ventures in the prevention of SQL injections attacks. Oracle Database Firewall prevents the access of sensitive application data using unauthorized SQL commands.

Oracle Database Firewall is a very reliable suite for the protection of a database it does this through …

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