Are you confident about the security of your database environment?  Database security and compliance requires a defensive in-depth multi- layered security model that includes preventive, detective and administrative controls. The increasing pressure of compliance regulations and security policies make the deployment of high level database protection a must for an organization. Below are tips on database security compliance.


Prevent Database bypass

Database bypass threats target  operating systems files and backup media. It starts with preventing Operating System level data access. Encryption of backup media and proper disposal of media are well understood security controls but most attacks focus on attacking servers themselves. Transparent Data Encryption and data reduction capabilities are key to protectung sensitive data.It helps prevent unauthorized access to …

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With many companies still grappling with their loss of crucial information to hackers and other criminals, database security measures have been developed in that their data, database applications, database servers as well as the associated network links are protected. This is to ensure that confidentiality, integrity and access by unauthorized person are prevented.


Database security mechanisms have also been designed to ensure that malware attacks that may interrupt or cause damage to crucial data is prevented in the best way possible. For that reason, there are various software that have been made specifically to help in masking, monitoring and auditing of the various activities that are conducted on such data. These softwares will help in detecting and indicating any changes …

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Secure Sphere for SharePoint helps companies protect crucial data stored within Microsoft SharePoint. It addresses the unique security requirements of SharePoint’s file, web and database elements, ensuring that users with legitimate business needs can access data and others cannot. Secure Sphere for SharePoint also provides visibility and analysis of access rights and data usage, and delivers protection against web-based threats.


It’s key capabilities concerning securing your database majorly entails enforcing business rules by generating message alerts or blocking access to files in SharePoint. In addition, it also provides document compliance, conduct forensic investigations and isolate changes.

Moving forward, SecureSphere for SharePoint provides multi-layered security that includes a Web Application Firewall to protect against web-based attacks, user rights management and activity …

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Oracle databases have been in existence for quite a while now. To be precise, Oracle released their 9i (9.0.1) version about 2 years ago. Many companies are still using the 8i (8.1.x), 8 (8.0.x) and 7.x database versions. For the most part, everything that is available in a lower version will be available in a higher version as well.

dynamic data masking

There are a few minor exceptions, but the Oracle databases tend to be backwards compatible. When Oracle releases a new version, their documentation contains a list of all the features new to that version. So it is worthwhile for the Database Administrator to read this documentation to discover what is new in the dynamic data masking database.

To give you …

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Data breaches is a topic not new to database handlers. Some of the biggest risks today have not changed in the past 5+ years. In as much as many risks remain the same, they are still very real and pose an increasing threat to sensitive information loss and associated data breach costs. How organizations defend themselves and mitigate risk is as important today as ever before.

This article will guide you through sources and loop holes to these common dynamic data breaches

Dynamic Data Masking

In the recent past and contemporary society, databases have become increasingly vulnerable to attack. Two factors have contributed significantly to this escalation: First, organizations are being asked to grant increased access to data stored in the …

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A firewall network is a network security device that allows or denies network access to traffic flows between unreliable zones (like the Internet) and trusted zones like private or corporate networks.

firewall network


A firewall network acts as the “traffic police” or demarcation point in the network. All communication flow through firewall network and therefore it is its role to decide on whether to grant or reject network access to traffic that flows between an untrustworthy zone and a trusted zone for instance corporate or a private networks. Firewall network implements access controls via a positive control model that insists that only traffic defined in the firewall is accessed.

A great challenge is to identify security risks systematically and proactively in …

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To be able to fully understand this term, we are going to disintegrate it into two understandable sections. Database design refers to the procedure of producing a detailed data model of a desired database. This data model may contain all the required logical and tangible design choices and physical storage parameters required to come up with a design in a data definition language, which can further be used in the creation of a database. A fully featured data model contains well-detailed features for each unit.

Database software is therefore the tool that is required to perform the fore mentioned characteristics.

The term database design can also be used to describe several different sections of the design of a general database …

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GreenSQL database activity monitoring keeps ahead of security threats, malicious software and exploits, threats from company insiders and more. The software provides information on suspicious transactions in real time, allowing administrators to take immediate action to maintain database security. It documents the steps taken for regulatory compliance.

The Numerous Types of Security Threats

Today, security threats come from many directions. Frequent reports in the press tell of criminals harvesting credit cards numbers by breaking into databases. Company insiders with both the knowledge and access to get around existing security features can pose an equally dangerous, but not as frequently publicized, threat.

Although credit card numbers are certainly desirable, social security numbers, addresses, and other valuable information stolen from inadequately …

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In the calculation of data breach, there is use of a costing methodology called activity-based costing. This kind of methodology identifies activities and assigns a cost according to actual use. Companies participating in this benchmark research are asked to estimate the cost for all the activities they engage into resolve the data breach.

Typical activities for discovery and the immediate response to the data breach are very important and should be followed to the latter to ensure the data breach is properly handled. Such activities include the following:



  • Conducting investigations and forensics to determine the root cause of data breach
  • Determining the probable victims of data breach
  • Organizing the incident response team
  • Conducting communication and public relations
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It is not very possible for an organization to maintain its security if it does not have full control over what is happening in its database. Imperva SecureSphere Database firewall proactively protects your data by monitoring all traffic, discovered and remediating unpatched database servers and blocking advanced targeted attacks.

SecureSphere Database Firewall enables one to avoid expensive breaches by effectively protecting databases from attacks, data theft and loss. SecureSphere inhibits some major key capabilities such as the following:

Monitoring All Traffic for Protection and Compliance

The firewall confidently identify and document suspicious and non-compliant behavior. It provides an organization with the knowledge of all the facts. Even with a high volume of database traffic, SecureSphere operates like a video camera, …

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