The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets standards for protecting sensitive patient data.This implies that any healthcare provider that electronically stores, processes or transmits medical records, medical claims, certifications must comply with the HIPAA standards. It applies only to electronic medical transaction hence no need to purchase a computer based system.


HIPAA requires that all patients must be in a position to access their own medical records, correct errors and omissions and information on how the personal details are being used.Other provisions include privacy procedures to patients, medical records and billing systems.

HIPAA provides a set of standards and compliance to covered entities: any one who provides treatment payment and operations in health care and Business associates; anyone …

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The peace that comes with protecting sensitive information from theft and unauthorized access is the most sought after by organizations. Data masking comes in handy to solve this problem.It entails creating structurally similar but authentic version of an organization’s data, that can be used for the purpose of software testing and user training. Data masking aims at protecting actual data, while having functional substitutes for occasions when real data is not in use. Data masking maintains the data format while changing the values only.


What Tips Should Organizations Consider In Data Masking?

Assess The Project Scope

There is more to data masking than mere encryption.Organizational information must be in a format that provides valid information that is free from plagiarism. …

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Oracle is one of the world’s famously used relational database engines. It’s system is a framework in which data objects can be accessed by users directly through structured query language. Oracle management is preferred by global enterprises which manage and process data across wide and local networks. Among the operations performed in the Oracle management are; monitoring performance, administration and maintenance of databases and data groups. Other tasks to be managed are configuration of the database, memory and storage management, user management, managing database objects such as tables, creation of backups for the database, performing basic troubleshooting issues among others.


So what is oracle management all about?

For this to be executed there has to be an Oracle database made …

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Security Compliance Program Guidelines require credit unions to implement an information security compliance program that includes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to achieve the following objectives:


  • Guarantee the security and confidentiality of member information;
  • Block any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information;
  • Protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any member and
  • Ensure the proper disposal of member and consumer information.

In order to achieve these objectives, an information security compliance program must suit the size and complexity of a credit union’s operations and the nature and scope of its activities. The various business units or divisions of the credit …

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Firewall software builds an intelligent barrier to protect you from bad things on the internet that want to reach your computer.


Computer firewall software derive their name from the fireproof barriers, called firewalls, which stop fire from spreading through buildings, airplanes and vehicles. There exist both hardware-based and software-based types of firewalls for computers. This article will not really purposed to tell on which is the best firewall software of all the many existing firewalls in the market, rather it will help you to know the qualities of firewall software that can be of great help to you as the user.

Firewall software technology has been in existence from the 1980s, when the first firewalls filtered the packets that comprise …

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SQL performance always requires you to have a keen eye for best results. Database servers are critical to businesses or organizations and they need to be highly available. SQL monitoring tool is able to help in the monitoring of MS SQL Servers for performance, availability and monitors all the MS SQL versions including MS SQL 2012 and 2014. One is able to monitor up to two SQL servers simultaneously. The SQL performance tool is able to support both default and named instances

MS SQL Monitoring

  • Monitors CPU, memory and disk space utilization of the SQL servers.
  • Get complete details about SQL server.
  • View general performance and utilization details with color coded alerts.
  • Auto discover SQL server in the network.


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Database Firewall helps in securing crucial information within an organization, provided the organization’s aim is to prosper. With highly confidential data comes the great responsibility of protecting it. Hence having a database firewall should be the fast option for any organization wishing to be successful in its undertakings.

For there will always be someone with unpleasant motives targeting the organizations data intending to misuse it. With the growth of technology and the sophistication of hackers it is close to impossible if not impossible for an organization to survive without the use of a database firewall to protect their data at all time.

Reasons for which Database can be hacked

There are very many different reasons for the hacking of organizations …

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A data breach is where one’s personal information is put at risk either in electronic or paper format; such personal information may include an individual’s name, medical record, financial record or a debit card. Data breach is majorly caused by malicious or criminal attack, system glitch or a human error. The costs of a data breach can vary according to the cause and the protective measures in place at the time of the data breach. (Reading on Ways to secure your database may also be helpful to you.)

A compromised record is information that identifies the natural person (individual) whose information has been lost or stolen in the data breach. Examples can include a health insurer’s record of policyholder …

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GreenSQL’s database firewall enables administrators to define permissions for viewing or updating individual databases, tables or columns. Database, table and column-level access permissions may be based on any combination of database user, IP address, client application and time of day. By implementing role –based access to sensitive information, Green SQL’s security software Database Firewall prevents information theft and eases compliance with a lot of regulations such as PCI-DS and HIPAA.

Due to the fact that GreenSQL functioning as a proxy to the database, end users and applications never have direct access to the database operating system. This prevents any type of attack to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system. This is also able to prevent problematic or suspicious requests from …

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SQL injection techniques are an increasingly becoming a dangerous threat to the security of information stored upon any Oracle database. Oracle is a huge product and SQL injection can be applied to many of its modules, languages and APIs making oracle database likely to be susceptible to SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection attacks can be easily defeated with simple programming changes, however, developers must always ensure to be discipline enough to apply some important methods to every web accessible procedure and function.

Every dynamic SQL statement must be protected because a single unprotected SQL statement can result in compromising of the application, data or database server. Some of this important methods are:

Bind Variables

The most powerful and advisable protection …

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