Cyber threats and breach of data have become a pain in a number of businesses. They literally render one helpless. In fact end points as well as network security are not enough anymore. This is because they really neither protect your data nor your applications. Data and applications are the most important things in any business as they run the business.


This is where Imperva data and security solutions come in. We understand just how important these two are to you. If you have been a victim of cyber security threat, you will be glad to know that Imperva is always present, ready to deliver the best cyber security solutions with a bid to protect your data as well as …

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Every waking day, companies are coming up with ways of protecting their valuable albeit very private information that is needed for their daily running and completion of various transactions. This is because their information is always at risk of being hacked therefore making them vulnerable especially to their competitors who are always looking for ways of outdoing them.


For that reason there are various security software that have been developed in order to safeguard their databases. Such software includes Green SQL which has the ability to equally provide security solutions for businesses in an affordable and easy to execute manner. In addition, it aids in auditing, masking as well as caching.

Advantages of Green SQL

One of the benefits of …

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Usually, unlike stateful-packet filtering firewalls for dynamic data masking, application-layer firewalls are always aware of certain applications, for instance the Web, SQL, and e-mail. Also, these multi-talented firewalls prohibit direct connections from the Internet to your servers by assuming the proxy role between the applications you serve (Web, E-mail, FTP, etc.) to the rest of the wired world.

Decisions based on protocol Enterprise networks can no longer allow or deny traffic based on protocol alone. Now that exploits through common and necessary protocols (HTTP, SMTP, etc…) have become frequent. They must employ firewalls for dynamic data masking capable of inspecting protocol data in the TCP header.

Application-layer firewalls usually act as both client and server, by ‘proxying’ the data between …

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For each and every database, there must be at least one database administrator abbreviated as DBA to perform administration duties on it. Since an Oracle dynamic data system may be large and can have multiple users, often this is not a single person’s job. In similar cases, there is a group of Dynamic Data Administrators who share this responsibility.

Dynamic Data Masking

A database administrator’s duties can include the following tasks:

  • Installing and upgrading the Oracle server and application tools
  • Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system
  • Creating primary database storage structures (table spaces) after application developers have designed a certain application
  • Creating primary objects (tables, views, indexes) once application developers have designed an application
  • Modifying the database
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Most different database service providers provide database as a service that is further divided into major three categories. There are rational database, non-rational database and operating virtual machine loaded with local database software like SQL.

Database Service providers vary from each other depending on the quality and sort of services being provided. There are certain parameters that can be used to select the best service that will suit your company best. This is not limited to a certain company; these parameters can help in deciding the best service provider depending upon the requirements of any company.

Parameters of Database Service

  1. Choosing best Dynamic Database– The selecting of Database depends not only on the services being provided by the company,
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Firewall policies for dynamic data masking are certain rules and regulations that dictate how database firewalls should handle network traffic for specific IP addresses and address ranges, protocols, applications, and content types based on the organization’s information security firewall policies.

Dynamic Data Masking

Before a firewall policy is created, some form of risk analysis should be carried out to develop a list of the types of traffic needed by the organization and categorize how they must be secured—including which types of traffic can traverse a firewall under what circumstances. This risk analysis should be based on an evaluation of threats; vulnerabilities; countermeasures in place to mitigate vulnerabilities; and the impact if systems or data are compromised.

Firewall policies should be documented in …

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It is also sometimes referred to as Client Database Software. Before you read on this article, it may be of great help to read on Database Software first. Also read on Database Management Software before you proceed into this piece of informative article. Either way, we are also going to define a Database Software- which refers to that kind of software that purposes to create and manage any information stored within a database. In a layman’s language, something that makes your clients’ lives simpler and easier.


Moving on, Customer Database Software therefore refers to a category of business software that covers a wide set of applications and software designed to help these businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access …

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SQL server monitor is an electronic tool that seeks to monitor a server’s system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc

Due to the fact that electronic businesses rely on information stored on databases, it is very important and vital for them to constantly access and monitor the database performance information in real time and at all time. This makes it very important for system administrators to know the status of their databases.

A reliable SQL Server monitoring solution offers the following advantages to the business:

  • Increased profits, no losses caused by undetected database failures.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing reliable access to databases.

A good solution to SQL server monitor should be easy to

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A database software is a type of software that is designed for the creation and the managing of information stored within a database. Most of the time it is referred to as database management systems (DBMs). Database software has numerous tools whose primary usage is for storing, modifying, extracting and searching for information within a database.


There are major uses of a database software within any organization such as bookkeeping on task, compiling client lists to running your online web site. Due to the fact that a database software has a lot of uses there are a dozen of software programs available. Some of the popular database software programs include desktop solutions such as Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro and …

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The PartnerSphere Technology Alliance offers organizations with an end-to-end blueprint for data security. Organizations therefore have to take an enterprise-wide view of their data security cause of the security and compliance requirements. Imperva has partnered with best-of-breed solutions to build the industry’s first technology ecosystem dedicated to data security and compliance.

PartnerSphere Technology Alliance solutions extend Imperva SecureSphere offerings to address security, application delivery, scalability and access management requirements. Imperva works closely with PartnerSphere Technology Alliance members to assure customers that Imperva SecureSphere will integrate with and augment their existing security, networking and business software solutions. Imperva and its Associate and Premier Partners test and certify the interoperability of such Partners’ products with the SecureSphere suite.

Vulnerability Assessment

Imperva has …

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