Whether you are an individual, a start up company or you have been in your business for some time, you must admit the importance of internet use cannot be better emphasized. But imagine one day if all your data could be put at risk and anyone could get access? That would be more than hazardous. This is what data breach is all about. Data breach is when one’s personal identification information is put electronically put at risk. This could also be done on paper. Some of the personal and private information could be one’s driving license number, credit card data, social security number and many more.


Electronic breaches take place when unencrypted personal information lands on the hands of a …

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A dynamic data breach refers to the incident where crucial information is stolen or taken from a system without the knowledge or consent of the system’s owner. Most common victims of data breaches are usually large companies or organizations, and the data stolen may often be sensitive, proprietary or confidential in nature for instance credit card numbers, customer data, trade secrets or matters of national security.

Dynamic data masking

Such damages created by incidents like these often present themselves as loss to the target company’s reputation with their customer, due to a perceived betrayal of trust. The damage may also involve the company’s finances as well as that of their customers’ should financial records be part of the information stolen.

Most importantly the …

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What happens when a company laptop goes missing? What of when customer payment records are stolen? Paper files are lost. Worse still, suppose online systems are hacked? What next for such a company especially if it is an upcoming company trying to establish itself? Truly speaking, any enterprise that collects or stores sensitive personal information be it electronically or in paper files, is at risk for a dynamic data breach. According to the 2013 Verizon Dynamic data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 31% of all data breaches investigated in 2012 occurred in organizations with less than 100 employees.

Counteract Dynamic Data Breaches With Prevention.

The DBIR also revealed that most breaches investigated in 2012 were preventable. As a matter of …

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A data breach is where one’s personal information is put at risk either in electronic or paper format; such personal information may include an individual’s name, medical record, financial record or a debit card. Data breach is majorly caused by malicious or criminal attack, system glitch or a human error. The costs of a data breach can vary according to the cause and the protective measures in place at the time of the data breach. (Reading on Ways to secure your database may also be helpful to you.)

A compromised record is information that identifies the natural person (individual) whose information has been lost or stolen in the data breach. Examples can include a health insurer’s record of policyholder …

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The Most And Least Expensive Data Breaches:

German and USA companies have the most and costly data breaches. They also experienced the highest total cost. The least costly data breaches occurred in Brazil and India. In Brazil, the average total cost for a company was relatively higher than the ones of India.

Size Of Data Breaches:

On average, USA and Arabian region companies had data breaches that resulted in the greatest number of exposed or compromised records. On average, Japanese and Italian companies had the smallest number of breached records.

Causes Of Data Breaches Differ Among Countries:

Companies in the Arabian region and in Germany were most likely to experience a malicious or criminal attack, followed by France …

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