Almost all database firewall vendors offer reliable services to their customers, but there is always an argument on whose approach or technique is best considering where the database is being used. With the current generation where security breach is very common, it is wise for one to have a proper idea about the database firewall he or she is to use before using it so as to prevent unwanted security threats.

Each vendor has its own approach to build application awareness into a firewall.  For one to choose a proper database firewall that is able to protect his database at all time, he or she should have as much information as possible on the vendor so as to avoid error …

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Database Firewall helps in securing crucial information within an organization, provided the organization’s aim is to prosper. With highly confidential data comes the great responsibility of protecting it. Hence having a database firewall should be the fast option for any organization wishing to be successful in its undertakings.

For there will always be someone with unpleasant motives targeting the organizations data intending to misuse it. With the growth of technology and the sophistication of hackers it is close to impossible if not impossible for an organization to survive without the use of a database firewall to protect their data at all time.

Reasons for which Database can be hacked

There are very many different reasons for the hacking of organizations …

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