With each unveiling dawn, hackers keep sharpening their tools with regards to database threats. Organisations store their confidential information about their business operations and that of their customers. When such confidential and important information falls into the wrong hands, the damages can be so gross. Apart from ruining the reputation of the organisation, it might as well lead to legal claims. Today we want to look at some of the common database threats.


What Are The Common Database Threats?

Excessive Rights and Privileges

Organisations make the mistake of giving their employees database privileges and rights which exceed the requirements of their job functions. Employees will often abuse these privileges if strict control measures are not placed. Organisations often fail to …

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Barely a week goes without a high ranking multimillion dollar hacking incident covers the public news. The exponential expansion of information security threats is really worrying. So how can enterprises employees deal with such demanding threats and curb them before they throw the organization into a quagmire?


Identifying the databases

Ensure that you go through your database to discover those that are undocumented or non-compliant that can pose a potential cybercrime. How do you do it? With a configuration management system that collects, stores, manages, updates and presents data on software, it can be easier to carry out this exercise. Also by development of standards and procedures for database management. Standards ensure a consistency and effectiveness of data while procedures …

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